Aksjon Vennskap     

Action Friendship

Aksjon Vennskap er en norsk stiftelse som gjennomfører prosjekter på barnehjem i Ukraina.

Action Friendship

Action Friendship is a foundation which carries out  humanitarian aid projects in Eastern Europe and  works to develop fellowship and understanding between sponsors  and people in Eastern Europe based on Christian values.

We run projects which

•Help the weakest

•Cover defined needs

•Reach targets

•Develop contacts between givers and receivers

Action Friendship co-operate with Lviv Theological Seminary in a foundation called ”Ray of love”. The students from Lviv Theological Seminary visit the orphanages  as a part of their education.

Action Friendship has full control of donations  and all money  is used for the intended  projects.

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     Stiftelsen Aksjon Vennskap

     Grensevegen 28

     1927 Rånåsfoss


     Tel: +47 977 56 505